Thursday 17 May 2012

After a few long days and late nights I finally worked out what is hopefully a new concept for a folding card blank for you to embellish as you desire. These pictures show you the end result, "Sliding Window Shutter Card" (8" x 8" version) it took some working out to get it right but I think it was worth the effort.  I will soon have a tutorial on this one. It's a great way to display a treasured photograph within the card.

Photograph one shows the card flat, by pulling on either ribbon the card opens up as in photograph two. The shutters when open allow the card to stand up on it's own as shown in photograph 3. I've done a 8" x 8" card, but it can be done on other sizes.

1 comment:

  1. this is awesome, I could see this beauty sitting on a desk now, it's like sending a sweet...have a wonderful day!

    enjoy *~*