Tuesday 12 June 2012

Fathers Day

It's nearly here, yes Father's Day so I thought I would make a card for my dad and share with you how I created it. I used the papers and some embellishments from Craftstyles Celebrations range which is so suitable for male cards. I have created an 8" x 8" sliding window card.It lays flat and then by pulling the ribbon at the top it reveals the words Happy Father's Day , I created this on my Mac but you could create it in word or something like. I created the paper stars by printing a template onto the reverse of the patterned card stock, creasing the lines and then cutting them out.

The template is printed onto the reverse of the patterned card stock, score all the lines on the stars and then cut out using a scalpel or good pair of scissors.

The short lines will be valley folds (folding away from you) and the long lines will be mountain folds
(folding towards you) alternating valley then mountain folds. Once scored and folded the stars should look like the ones shown above.

One of the best buys for me so far is a glue gun, great for when you want things to stick in place, but be very careful the glue gets very hot. To keep the stars in shape I cut some small square blocks from 10mm foam board one of my favourites, ( you'll see me using lots more of this in future projects). Once the glue gun heats up fill the centre of the star with glue drop in you foam block, turn the star over and press lightly into shape. The glue will set very quickly. You could also use large foam pads if you don't have
a glue gun.

Use the stars to decorate the front panel of the card along with your other embellishments.Here you can see the card lying flat.

By pulling the ribbon the front panel lifts up and reveals the Father's Day message. I will put the template for this card on a post or if you want me to email it to you just drop me a message. All I ask is that you credit the template in any of your designs.

The colours really suit a male design. I hope you like the design and look forward to your comments.

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  1. This is really fab Andrew. Love everything about it. Look forward to the tut.

    Edna x

  2. Stunning card Andrew love the stars what a great idea,next time I'm in town I'm going to hunt out some foam board...Love the colours and the design is fabulous,look forward to the tutorial...
    Mandy x

  3. Thanks for your nice comments it's always nice to receive feedback from like minded crafter's. Keep on Crafting!

  4. Hi dad, i love your card and i wish i could make one as good as that one for you one day for fathers day :) Elicia xx

  5. Fab card! Love the colours the banners and the stars!
    A perfect card for Father's day!

    Sarah x