Thursday 28 April 2016

CUT & CREATE comes to Life

One of our most loved ranges, one we all love working on most and one we wait in anticipation for the next new design is CUT & CREATE. Beleive it or not as we enter the May bank holiday weekend there is snow on the hills of the Dales here in Yorkshire. To acompany the snow we've started work on our new Christmas range of CUT & CREATE. Eight brand new characters will be coming your way. We thought we would share with you how the characters come to life from the initial sketches to the finished print ready artwork.

It all starts with a sketch from our collective ideas. 

Once the sketch is complete it is scanned into the computer where we start apllying the line work.

Once the line work is complete we start to apply the colour.

When we have completed the colour we then step and repeat the finished image onto a print ready file.

Thats how one of our most loved brands comes to life ready for you to create those wonderful cards we see everyday.

1 comment:

  1. It's great to see not only a sneak preview but also how these products start their life. They look fab.